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There are a lot of great and in fact world class musicians in the the Philippines. Singers ( in what ever kind of repertoire ), pianists, gutarists, chorales, conductors, composers, dancers, choreographers, dance & music educators, researchers, tutors and instructors, violinists, cellist, etc. These are not just people who do their thing in a wink of an eye. It took a lot of years of training and sacrifices for them just to master their art. The amount of inspiration is nothing compared to the perspiration required (kita nyo nga di ako maka-Eyeball!).

This page is a preview on what we Filipinos have in our country that we should be proud of. I hope this page will give us more exposure and bring us the appreciation and recognition due us. The Filipino is one of the best performers in the world. And not just in a particular type of music profession...kahit saan at kahit ano...merong Pilipino. Take a peak and support the Filipino artist.